Secret Pictures for Getting Head Right For Success

The secret to achieving and doing anything well often times has to do with how you picture things. Successful parents, business people, coaches, teachers, athletes, and many other successful people have over time come to realize that picturing the end result is many times the special ingredient that brings everything together into a smashing success. Drawing a clear picture in your mind is an important piece to the success puzzle. I'll use exercise as an example. Have you pictured your end result? Have you very clearly seen what you will accomplish after a certain amount of time and effort has been exerted? Do you picture it as you practice your skill? Do you see yourself being healthier, leaner, faster, stronger, and more alive? If you do, you're on the right track. If you haven't practiced this yet, it's time to crank up your mental picture frame.

The human mind learns best with pictures. The more that you employ this strategy the more you will be able to achieve your most incredible goals. Even though hard work and determination are an important part of your eventual success, giving your subconscious mind the opportunity to create your success is a more important element of you achieving your goals. By painting the picture of what you want in your mind's camera you begin to gather a momentum and a belief that the end result is attainable. By giving yourself a picture you are giving your mind a chance to steer towards the intended target. Without a clear picture it is much more difficult to hit the bullseye.

Through practice and repetition you will continually come closer to your target and eventually hit it. It's important to remember that even though you have fixed a thought in your mind, in all likelihood it will still take some time to reach the goal. Patience and belief is required for you to go on and eventually win. The trials that you encounter along the way, even though many times unexpected and challenging, bring you a new knowledge along with a growing ability to handle adversity and press on. A straight line to success is the least fulfilling.

Your subconscious mind has a unique ability to come up with answers that you would never have invented by struggling and thinking about them. Many times it's most beneficial to relax and not think about how you would do it but just give it over to your subconscious. Often times you will find that the answers that you are given are brilliant and the journey that you had to go on was extraordinary and not at all what you expected.

Practice picturing what you want as you engage in the actual activity and at other times during the day. The stronger the thought and the picture, the more likely that your goal will be achieved. Starting towards any goal without a clear, passionate picture is like starting a road trip to a far destination without using a map. Be sure that your destination is very clear in your mind and that you have gone there many times before. Picture your success clearly and often, Fred Nicklaus P.

S. Mind and body working together as a strong unit creates a success harmony and energy. Movement along with effective breathing stimulates the creative centers of the brain.

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