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There is a joke about a woman having as many shoes as she has clothes, which would indirectly mean that a woman's hunt for clothes and footwear is unending. With a new shoe on display almost every day, the choices one has are limitless and there in lies the biggest challenge, to pick a shoe that is in style and fashionable. From Gucci, Prada, Boss to Adidas and Reebok, there is a shoe for every occasion.

There is a myth that shoes are solely a woman thing, wrong! Designer labels all over the world now cater to men's shoes and some labels are exclusively for men. Agreed that the choices that men have may be fewer when compared to women, but there is no denying that there is a niche market for shoe manufacturers that cater exclusively to men's footwear. Footwear for men is generally categorised into 3 major categories a) Sports wear Almost anyone who has ever played a sport or has taken a walk has a pair, sports shoes are a multi billion dollar industry, sports shoes worn by professionals are sometimes worth thousands of dollars. The main players in the sports shoes market are Reebok, Adidas, Nike to name a few.

Each company develops newer designs and technologies, to make sports or leisure activities more comfortable. b) Casuals Anything that is not sports or formal is casual wear, casual shoes are either leather, synthetic or a composite of leather and synthetic, a recent addition to the casual shoe fraternity are the workman steel toe boots that manufacturers like CAT, Wolverine offer. There are also companies that deal exclusively in casual shoes and offer products that are meant for lounge wear. c) Formal Shoes Formal shoes are almost exclusively made of leather products, usually hard leather and very primly designed.

Formal shoes have gone a transformation thanks to the creative imaginations of Italian designers, no longer are the usual Oxford shoes the only formal pair you need, you can pick up numerous other designs in a variety of mediums like suede and nu buck. Basically if you think that formal shoes are supposed to be black and plain leather, think again. To sum it up if you are a man or a woman, you can't turn a blind eye to the latest in shoe fashions. You may not want to buy $1000 Gucci suit, but as the old saying goes, always judge a man by his shoes.

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