Sleeping Bags Smores and Scavenger Hunts Tips for Planning a Successful Kids Slumber Party

Slumber parties are a blast for kids and can even be enjoyable for adults with a little bit of planning. The most important thing is to plan activities that keep kids entertained while at the same time, giving them a certain level of autonomy. Sleeping Arrangements Choose a room in your home that has an ample amount of space for all kids to layout out their sleeping bags without feeling cramped. It's always a good idea to have one or two extra kid's sleeping bags on hand to avoid someone feeling left out of the group.

Today there are many bright, fun, kids sleeping bags available online at affordable prices. Even with extras, kids sleeping bags usually get their fair share of use throughout the slumber party years. When guests arrive, show them around the house beyond the main party and sleeping room so they can get acquainted with their new surroundings.

Not knowing what lies down hallways and behind doors can be a source of anxiety for kids at night as they try to fall asleep. Show them where to find the bathrooms and keep extra toiletries out for when they run out. Activities Kids want to feel like they're dong their own thing and as they get older, they tend to want fewer structured activities. However, as a parent you can still plan activities that they can initiate themselves when the time is right. Karaoke is an activity for kids of all ages and can keep a group entertained for hours.

Check your local directory for places that rent karaoke machines for parties. Scavenger hunts can be great fun for kids and allow them to engage in a constructive activity while being independent. Preparing the scavenger hunt theme, puzzles, and prizes before the slumber party allows you to give structure to the action without having to directly lead it. Having ample amounts of dress up clothes for young girls or make-up and hair products for older girls can keep them happy and busy for hours.

Boys may enjoy a selection of movies or video games. Before the party, take your child with you to the video rental store and pick out games that are fun for multiple players. With a large group of boys, parents may want to consider moving an extra TV in to the room where kids have parked their sleeping bags and borrowing a second game system from a friend.

Food and Snacks Every kid has their likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Try choosing food for the party that allows kids to build their own meal such as tacos or individual size pizza that kids can design then eat later once they're cooked. Kids love to experiment with food and do-it-yourself food items can be a great source of entertainment. Every slumber party needs s'mores to eat while sharing stories at the edge of a sleeping bag, but not necessarily a campfire. With some graham crackers, chocolate cake frosting, and marshmallow spread, kids can make their own tasty s'mores snacks that rival the traditional fire-melted recipe.

A well-planned slumber party can be a fun experience for both kids and adults. By preparing activities before hand that give kids independence without running wild and aimlessly through your home, everyone can have a great experience.

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