Smoked Salmon Gift Basket Are Great Gifts

For the holidays, it's likely that you're planning on sending gift baskets to at least some of your friends. They're a great, fast option to give them what they want, without spending a lot of money. But this year, instead of sending the same old English muffin basket, why don't you surprise them? A smoked salmon gift basket is an excellent way to impress everyone who receives it. An upscale treat, it's a great breakfast for a holiday morning.

But salmon and all of the food that goes with it can be quite expensive, and take precious time out of your schedule to gather. But who wouldn't want a brunch of smoked salmon? Now imagine that you have bagels to go with it, of all different kinds, and that they're slathered in cream cheese and covered in capers. Now that would be an amazing breakfast! I know that this sounds good, but it does leave the question of how to pull it all off. With a smoked salmon gift basket, of course. It's a must have Christmas gift, better than cookies or popcorn. And there are many different options for customization.

Salmon, of course, is the staple, but there are many other pieces to the basket for you to choose, tailored to the likes and dislikes of anyone. Even as the center of the basket, you have a choice in your salmon. Are you interested in Alaskan smoked salmon, thought by many to be superior in taste and appearance? Perhaps you've got friends who have hopped on the organic bandwagon, in which case natural smoked salmon, the non-farmed option, would be best for you.

If you're in the mood, you can always include a bit of both, so everyone can decide which to try. Your options are just beginning! Now you've got your bagels to think about. White isn't your only option. Wheat and whole grain bagels are sure to delight many of your friends.

You can also customize your choice to best fit they type of salmon that you choose, and what you enjoy. Next you have cream cheese to think about, what smoked salmon gift basket would be complete without cream cheese. Do you like regular cream cheese or low fat, whipped or regular, perhaps a flavored cream cheese such as chive. And don't forget the capers, a perfect accompaniment. This Christmas, go with an upscale option for your gift basket--smoked salmon. The people on your gift list will never expect to open your present and find such a unique, upscale surprise.

And as they enjoy their delicious breakfast, courtesy of their smoked salmon gift basket, they'll be thanking you!.

The best of the Pacific is the salmon gift, and to ensure you're getting the freshest, order it online. Accompany your nutritional meal with 8oz Natural Alaskan Smoked Salmon. Alaskan Smoked Salmon is always a great meal.


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