Soldiers Save Big with International Military Calling Cards

You are a member of the United States Armed Forces, either you or your spouse put your life on the line every day and you both deserve affordable communication during deployments. You receive hazardous duty pay while deployed to combat areas, cost of living allowance when deployed to spots like Germany and all sorts of other benefits for your service. With all of the benefits you receive and deserve, you would think there is an International military calling card company that would like to reward you as well, right? Well, there is. It is up to you to find these companies and stick with them.

When the average person looks for an International military calling card they tend to buy whatever card is readily available to them; whether it be the PX or online. Many people do not realize the importance of research. Just because a calling card company has productsis available at the PX does not mean they provide the best service for your calling area. One Company may provide great deals on calls made inside the United States but very expensive international rates, while others may provide excellent rates to military stationed overseas. One Company in particular that prides themselves on providing very affordable International military calling cards with no hassle and no hidden fees is Pingo. Make sure you find companies like Pingo and decide which is right for your particular situation.

Remember grandma telling you, if its too good to be true, maybe its not true. Always review what the calling card company is offering you and read the fine print to avoid any calling card scams such as hidden prepaid calling card fees. One common problem with International military calling cards is purchasing a certain amount of minutes and having it cut down, leaving you with half or even less of the card time you originally purchased. There are many such factors you must look into when choosing your calling card. With the right research and a small amount of determination, you can talk to your loved ones during their deployment without spending hundreds of dollars to do so.

The United States Military is an organization that is dear to our hearts. As Americans living in this Country that remains free due to the efforts of our Military it is our duty to provide outstanding communication services in the form of International military calling cards, to those who serve so that they can stay in touch with those who are important to them; Their Families!.

Brian Hawkins is an affiliate marketing manager for Pingos prepaid phone card affiliate program that provides clean military prepaid calling cards online at


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