Some basics of water damage restorationDos and Donts

The cross venting idea of drying out a flooded property is a bad one. The idea of opening up the windows and doors to dryout a property is foolish, in theory this may sound good but, consider the outside humidity, in most cases it is greater than the indoor humidity-save a few locations nationwide. If you open the windows and the humidity is greater outside, your inviting additional moisture to absorb into already wet material. This is basic science water tends to travel to the driest place Also; outside humidity varies throughout the day rising and lowering with the weather, sunshine and temperature. If you try to dryout out a property without equipment to remove the water, you will be relaying on the structure and items in the home like furniture and draperies to absorb the water/water vapor.

A good water removal system like a dehumidifier is essential; the dehumidifier will capture the water vapor and transport the water out of the property. It would be advisable to create a closed drying system by closing the doors and windows. Then try installing adequate drying equipment that will remove the water from the property, large commercial dehumidifiers are perfect for this. Combining the dehumidification with good air flow from fans will decrease the drying time.

Air flow turns water into water vapor and assists the dehumidifier in removing it. Second, the suggestion to avoid dryers and heaters in the dryout process is completely incorrect. The water damage restoration industry relies on these tools to complete a dryout. The heater will increase the air tempture and in so increase the air's ability to hold water vapor (drying ability). Heat is a fundamental part of water damage restoration. Third, bleach is not the way to go in terms of mold.

It will actually add water to the problem, the last thing you want to do, try MicrobanŽ Disinfectant Spray Plus- treatment on water losses is recognized by major insurance companies. Microban will protect against germs and odor on virtually any surface. Antimicrobial action kills allergy and disease-causing germs, bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew. Understand that, not only do you need to be concerned about the surface of material, but the insides of items are in question as well. So remember, close the home, install equipment and use industry rated chemicals, and you will be much better off than-opening a few windows.

By Mark Decherd.

Mr. Mark Decherd


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