Spooktacular Kids Halloween Costume and Party Ideas

Halloween is all about the spook-tacular, so spook everyone this year with kids Halloween costume and party ideas. Your kids will love scaring people with their Halloween costumes, and you'll love throwing the spookiest party around the block. Here are some ideas for that big Halloween celebration. Really Spooky Kids Halloween Costumes Not every kid strives to live like royalty when Halloween rolls around.

Here are some spook-tacular ideas for kids Halloween costumes: Blood-sucking vampire. Here's one way to scare Grandma after trick-or-treating. Buy a regular vampire suit (available at kids Halloween costume stores), vampire teeth, and fake blood. Have your kids put on the costumes, slip in the fake teeth, and dribble fake blood around their mouth. Watch onlookers freak out as your kids trick-or-treat and scare elders.

Flesh-eating zombies. Tikes will squeal when they wear these kids Halloween costumes. Buy zombie masks and old clothes for preparation. Shred the clothes with a cheese grater and knives and have your kids put it on.

Put on the zombie masks and watch your kids Halloween costumes get spook-tacular. Human-eating werewolves. Things get a bit hairier with these werewolf costumes.

All you need is werewolf masks and fake blood. Have your kids put on the masks, dribble fake blood on their mouths, and have onlookers howling at the moon this Halloween. These kids Halloween costumes are definitely spook-tacular. Spook-tacular Halloween Party Ideas Hosting a Halloween party for your kids? Here are some ideas for turning that party sinister: Cobwebs, spiders, and brooms. These party ideas will spook most guests. Line tables with cobwebs, placing spiders on the netting.

Put a couple of brooms by the door covered in cobweb netting for an extra spook-tacular effect. Buggy foods and bloody drinks. These spooky party ideas are a macabre touch to the perfect Halloween party.

For food, buy gummy worms, decorated with fake insects. For drinks, add red food coloring to your favorite drink for a bloody effect. Contests and Competitions. Here are innovative party ideas that involve all party guests.

Have guests dressed in costumes and have Halloween-themed competitions, such as bobbing for apples or a Best Costume contest. Have guests whack a piņata with a witch broom. Award winners with spook-tacular prizes such as plush zombies, witch brooms, candy, or cute accessories. Hold marathons. It's up to you to come up with ideas, but one great example is holding a movie marathon.

Play classic Halloween movies all night while munching on candy and popcorn. Everyone has fun and gets scared by some classic moments too. Whether you're looking for spook-tacular kids Halloween costumes or holding a big party, there are many ways to make this holiday creepy.

Use your own original ideas too ? don't be afraid to try it out! Halloween is all about you and your kids having fun. Also remember that even though this holiday is about kids Halloween costumes, treat-or-treating, and holding spooky parties, it's also about staying safe. Put on those costumes, whip out those party ideas and have a great -- and safe -- time partying.

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