Stop Doing What Does Not Work For You

Do you want to invigorate yourself? Do you want to feel the energy of life rushing through your veins? Do you want to get on track, get going, finally make some real headway and cruise your way through life? Then let me tell you this: in order to get these juices flowing, you have to stop doing what does not work for you. Stop doing all those things that drain your energy and make you feel empty. Stop sitting around and start standing up for yourself! Get rid of relationships that do not help you grow. Get rid of food that does not feed you.

Get rid of activities that do not build you up! Stop doing whatever it is that makes you tired, irritated and grumpy. Break with people who don?t support you and deplete your energy! Stop doing whatever it is that pulls your energy level down, and start doing whatever it is that lifts your energy level up! 1) People. Break with people who vampirize you, those who are constantly feeding off your precious energy.

If you feel empty and muddled after meeting with certain people, then do not meet with them anymore! When you feel your energy level is higher after meeting with certain people, then they are okay for you. Be aware of your energy level and how people affect it, and then act accordingly! 2) Conversations. Stop participating in conversations that keep you down, that make you feel annoyed or angry.

Try to express your ideas in a calm and clear fashion, but if the other is not paying attention, then leave the conversation and go on with your business! 3) Activities. Stop doing whatever it is that makes you feel exhausted. If you do not like cleaning the house, then find somebody else to do it for you, EVEN if you would do a better job by yourself! The question is not, who does a better job? The question is, what does this activity do to my energy level? Stop doing what brings you down.

Instead, do what boosts your energy. 4) Food. Stop eating and drinking food that makes you drowsy or bad tempered. Food has a direct influence on your mood.

If drinking too much coffee makes you irritable, then do not drink too much coffee. If drinking one cup of coffee in the morning gives you the energy to get started, then drink one cup of coffee. If one glass of wine makes you euphoric, then drink one glass of wine. If three glasses of wine make you feel dizzy, then do not drink three glasses of wine. 5) Job. Appreciate and be appreciated.

If your boss talks down to you, humiliates you, and does not appreciate your work, then leave him. Find yourself a better boss! Find yourself a boss who DESERVES having YOU as an employee! Do not stay around someone with such a low energy level. He will keep bringing you down. Find yourself a boss or a job that lifts up your energy level. When you try to hold on to a job that drains all your energy, then before long you will surely develop some kind of disease.

Nobody can withstand a climate of low energy without paying the high price of illness and depression. 6) Places. Do not stay in places where you do not feel good.

Some restaurants and cafes are so noisy that it is impossible to spend time there without severely attacking your energy vibrations. Too much noise, too many people, too much chaos will inevitably drag you down. Do not stay in a house that has a bad energy to it. If a place is good for you then you will feel an energy boost whenever you spend time there! This advice seems so simple that you might think I am treating you like a four-year old. Do not kid yourself! Four year-olds often have a healthier relationship with themselves than we do. They will not go on eating or drinking something they do not feel comfortable with, but many adults do! Take their example.

What to do when you notice that your energy level has been dragged down by a person, a place, an activity, or anything else? No problem, you can fix it immediately! The best remedy to uplift your energy vibration is: Nature. Go for a walk in the forest, or the park. Breathe the oxygen. Observe a flower in close-up. Look how Mother Nature very carefully painted the nerves in the leaves, and your energy level will be skyrocketing.

Watch some children play, listen to some birds sing. Take your time. If you ca not go out, then put on some inspirational music and dance around the table. This will do you good. Go to a quiet room and meditate for a while.

Imagine you have an energy channel starting at your spine and going into the heart of the earth. Send down all the bad and low energy vibrations. Mother earth knows how to transform them into high-level energy. Imagine a channel from your spine into heaven, and feel how divine celestial energy is flowing into your body to replenish you with high-energy vibrations. See yourself surrounded by a magnificent white golden light.

You can do this even at work, sitting in front of your computer, at a meeting, anywhere, anytime. You can also carry a gemstone with you, and instruct it to deviate low energy vibrations and permit only good vibrations to touch you. You are the shepherd of your own energy. What vibration do you prefer: high or low? It is up to you to flow around what feels bad and stick to what feels good.

It is up to you to clean up your energy field. Nothing too complex, just regular maintenance. Take an energy shower in the forest. Breathe!.

Written by Ineke Van Lint, psychologist. Live your life your way, full of joy, abundance and enthusiasm! I will help you to find your passion and create success. Two free e-courses on


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