Support Your Familys Natural Health With These Easy Essential Oil Mists

Using essential oils is a fantastic and effective method of supporting your family's health, and one of the most simple, cost-effective means is by making your own natural aroma-mists. The making of aromatherapy sprays and mists is great opportunity to nurture your family: Essential oils are well-known for their positive health benefits, and many scientific studies have demonstrated their effects. Simple aromatic usage has been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep and even sharpen mental acuity. Making essential oil sprays is something that you can do alone or with your older children as a project that is both fun to do, and can open a whole new world of natural health and wellness for your loved ones. Making your own aroma-mists is a great summertime activity to do on your own, or with friends and family. Allowing each person that will use the mists to choose their own scents maximizes the therapeutic benefits of their creations.

Generally, the aromas that most appeal to an individual produce the most profound result, be it uplifting, calming or otherwise. If one doesn't like the scent, one is not likely to use the mist, or may be put off, rather than supported by its aromatic actions. Also, getting others involved will bring them a new awareness of natural health and healing in a fun way that doesn't appear like they're taking medicine. As a parent, this can be especially appealing as it may even draw your children into a lifestyle of natural health from an early age. Just a few easily found items are required - 1 or 2 ounce dark glass bottles with pump spray tops are great containers. The dark color helps preserve the essential oils, and their small size makes them relatively durable, easily handled, and portable.

An eye-dropper makes it easy to dispense the oils drop by drop (as the recipes call for 'drops' of each essential oil). Plastic ones are most appropriate if children are involved, as the droppers tend to be somewhat delicate. As for the 'carrier' of the essential oils, filtered or spring water is all you need; if you'd like to store the blends for longer than a couple of months, use 1/5th Witch Hazel (available at most natural foods stores and online) and 4/5ths water. Then of course you'll need some essential oils.

There is a huge difference in aromatic quality between oils available today - the finest ones will have very brilliant and alive aromas. They may cost a little more, but you'll be using only drops at a time, and the difference in the scents will have a significant impact on you and your family's enjoyment of your sprays. Oils of marginal quality will often make one smile a little and say 'huh, that smells nice', whereas exceptional oils usually get 'WOW', accompanied by a really big grin. Blends that smell spectacular will certainly get used more, and will likely have greater psychological and emotional therapeutic effects.

If you'll be making blends with or for children, you'll also want to consider safety. We'll note here of any safety concerns with these recipes, but if you venture to make your own, check in to the safety of the particular oils you'll be using. Flower oils like Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood and Rose are safe and non-irritating.

Citrus oils, with their uplifting aromas are safe in the quantities described, though they should not be applied to the skin frequently or in significant amounts. Evergreen oils like Pine, Spruce and Juniper similarly may cause skin irritation if overly sprayed on the skin. Finally, very pungent oils like Peppermint, Clove and especially Cinnamon may cause irritation if inhaled in even moderate quantities, and it is these oils you'll want to keep from having little children handle if they are making blends with you. In general, with the dilutions used in aromatherapy sprays, you should be safe with misting a room for a pleasant aroma; As a rule, do not spray any essential oils near the eyes or on the face.

On to making the sprays! Creating aromatherapy sprays is very simple - just fill your bottles up most of the way with water or your Witch Hazel extract and water (1 part Witch Hazel to 4 parts water), then add your essential oils by counting the drops. Put the cap on and shake vigorously for several seconds. The oil and water will naturally tend to separate, somewhat like a salad dressing - shaking a lot when first made to disperse the oils well will help keep the oils and water mixed. You'll then just want to give a couple shakes just before spraying each time. For the simplest formulas, you can use 4 to 16 drops of any single essential oil in each ounce of water.

Suggested oils are Lavender, Rose Geranium, Spruce, Pine, Tangerine and Sweet Orange. Always, if using with younger children, use smaller amounts of essential oil. A formula that is wonderful for use in an infant or child's room is as follows: To the water and witch hazel base mix add in 2 drops each of Roman Chamomile and wild Lavender essential oils.

Spray a few pumps into the corners of the room as a natural and healthy sleep aid. NEVER spray directly towards the child's face. Remember to shake again before each use to assist in dispersing the oils. Both Lavender and Chamomile are well-known for their gentle soothing effects, and help many children (and adults) rest more deeply. Another oil much loved by the youngest children is Vanilla. While its scent is very sublime, its calming effects are profound, and it is also a very safe oil.

Again, add 2 to 4 drops per ounce of base. Looking for an aroma to brighten everyone's day? Try one or more of the oils cold-pressed from the peels of citrus fruits: Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Bergamot have a perky 'sweet-tart' aroma. The oils from Tangerine and Red Mandarin are somewhat sweeter, being even more appealing to kids. All these oils will mix well together too; you can pick two or more and create a new fruit flavor! These oils are all considered natural anti-depressants in aromatherapy, and will lighten the atmosphere in any home.

Perhaps the most effective 'space clearing' scents are those from the needles and twigs of evergreen trees: Pine, Spruce and Balsam Fir. Like the citrus oils, these all blend nicely together; you can try a blend of them with equal amounts of each, and/or vary their amounts to suit your preference. Juniper can be added in small amounts for an extra touch. These oils are also naturally uplifting, yet they bring a sense of calm and 'earthiness' as well.

Really, any essential oil will work in an aroma-mist. Using flower essences in addition to essential oils would create an especially therapeutic blend. Experiment to your heart's content; you can easily create a blend for every room, or every time of day.

This is a wonderful way to bring the healing effects of nature into your home, and support your family's health and wellbeing with essential oils.

The author is a consultant to aromatherapy suppliers His site includes wonderful collections of essential oils and aromatherapy resources. More can be found at


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