Symptoms Causes and Solutions You Should Know About Teen Stress

Depression and stress are getting common and are moving to the young. More teenagers are suffering from these emotional events which have in turn heightened the rate of social problem and teenagers suicidal. There are about as many teenagers who are depressed as compared to the adults. However, teenagers exhibit warning signs far differently than the adults. A depressed person is commonly visualized as a sad, tired, lonesome, tearful or de-motivated person. However, teenagers caught in the same event may be more negative, bad tempered and anti-advice from the elders.

Symptoms of a teenager suffering from stress and depression include: o Frequent sadness, tearful and crying for no apparent reason. o Feel hopeless about anything they do o Decreased interest upon previous activities. o De-motivated and persistent boredom. o Reluctant to communicate and often isolate themselves. o Extreme sensitivity to rejection or failure. Depressed teens often hope for acceptance and a success to regain attention from adults.

o Increased irritability, anger and hostility. Some depressed teens are bad tempered and may attack others when being scolded and criticized. o Difficulty with relationship. They may have sudden disconnection with friends.

o Frequent physical illness such as headache, stomachache and back pain which are general symptoms of emotional event. o Poor performance at school caused by poor concentration. o Major changes in sleeping and eating patterns (eg. sleep talking, teeth grinding, loss of appetite) o Run away from home.

o Having thoughts or expression of self-destructive behavior. If teenagers say "I want to kill myself" or similar self-destructive meaning, adults should take action seriously by showing concerns and leading them to the right way. o Alcohol and drug abuse. o Self injury such as pinching, biting and cutting. Symptoms above will not come by suddenly but in fact they are caused by out-coming sources, mainly from their family, school and friends: o High expectation from parents and teachers o Physical changes in their bodies, including chronic illness o Problems with friends o Unsafe living environment/neighborhood o Separation or divorcement of parents o Death of a loved one o Moving to a new community o Taking on too many activities or having too high expectations about own self o Family financial problems o Personal appearance and etc Teens that are caught in emotional events tend to be more unreceptive.

This is a normal reflection because they crave for attention from their parents. But parents often feel confused and frustrated about their child and finally turn to be a strict disciplinarian that would only serve to increase feelings of stress and depression. On the other hand, some parents feel hopeless and helpless. They do nothing but standing-by waiting for their children's adulthood to arrive.

Unfortunately, neither is the right way. Depressed teenagers are often lost in their way. They know that they are upset but they don't know what to do.

So, parents play extremely important roles in helping them. What can parents do? o Instill right and positive thinking. Adults should convey optimistic thoughts to their child because the way we respond to problem will most probably be duplicated by our children. o Encourage healthy lifestyle and proper daily routine such as stable wake up and bed time, nutritious food as energy booster. o Listen and care about them.

Parent should be open-minded and accessible so that the children are willing to share their problems. o Build up a safe and supportive environment. o Encourage them to mix with people so as to build up their social network. o Inculcate interests in wide areas. Encourage them to participate in or try on new activities. o Relaxation exercise should be helpful such as abdominal breathing and muscle relaxation.

o Consult a psycho-therapist or psychiatrist for professional treatment. However, parents should take extra care in choosing the right therapist and be careful with the prescribed anti-depressant. Knowing the symptoms and causes for teenage depression, parents should be more vigilant to even the most subtle change in their children.

The solutions provided above are not conclusive but only as a guide to the parents. In fact, unique and appropriate steps should be taken accordingly, suiting to the needs of your children. Act fast before it is too late!.

Keng Yong, Ong & Kam Meng, Mok are the co-authors of the free ebook "Stress No More" which is available for download at his blog. Visit his blog about mind power & personal development at


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