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An Introduction to Tag Heuer Before we look at the Formula 1 watch and the long history Tag Heuer has with Forumla 1, we must first learn a little bit about Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer, or Tag as it is sometimes known, was created in Switzerland nearly 150 years ago in 1860. The man that created Tag Heuer was called Edouard Heuer. His main ambition was to advance the measurement of time. Early on in his career he patented the first crown-winding mechanism for pocket watches in 1869. However, it wasn't until 1916 that he achieved his initial ambition of advancing the measurement of time.

He did this by creating the Micrograph stopwatch which was accurate to 1/100th of a second. More recent times Tag Heuer has moved on a long way since then and in 2004 the accuracy that helped shaped Tag Heuer's history was improved significantly. Tag Heuer became the first company to measure time accurate to 1/10,000th of a second.

Having made significant steps both in its history and in the modern day, Tag Heuer will always be in the front of consumers minds'. Tag Formula 1 Tag Heuer has been around for many years and due to its history with accurately measuring the time, it has featured as a sponsor for many sporting events. One sport in particular is that of Formula 1 motor racing. In the past Tag Heuer has had a relationship with the Scuderia Ferrari, arguably the biggest name in the motor sport.

Ferrari has always been at the forefront of racing car technology and as the years go on always have a car to shout about. More recently, Tag Heuer has had relationships with McLaren Mercedes, a team that has emerged in more recent years. A Star in the Making Although Tag Heuer no longer has relationship with McLaren Mercedes, they do have relationships with one particular star in the making.

Lewis Hamilton has taken the nation by storm with his fine performances in the past year or so. Lewis almost achieved the Formula 1 title in his first year, a feat no-one has ever done. Unfortunately, it was not to be but Lewis has not been beaten quite yet and has produced some stunning performances, most notably at Silverstone and the German grand prix 2008. With Lewis Hamilton doing so well, Tag Heuer have certainly reaped the rewards. Tag Formula 1 watch Tag Heuer have many fine watches but the Formula 1 watch is arguably the best of the lot.

There a few different types of this Formula 1 watch with the Indy 500 men's chronograph watch one of the most popular. The Formula 1 watch has kept going for many years and with Lewis Hamilton doing so well in recent times, the chances are the watch range will continue for many years to come. The watch range boasts exquisite looks, extremely accurate timing and is enormously reliable, as all its owners will agree. Tag Conclusion The Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch is arguably the nicest watch Tag Heuer have in their current selection. However, take nothing away from the rest.

They are all exceptionally brilliant watches and will continue to sell for many years to come.

For more information about Tag Heuer visit Tag Watches.


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