The Joys of Being Pregnant What to Expect when you are Expecting

The experience of having a baby and raising him or her to be better and have more than you had is something that every parent strives to accomplish in their children's lives. There are so many ups and downs to be being pregnant. All these different emotions I haven't felt before as well as different mood swings. There are also so many different cravings that I have experienced that don't even seem to make sense.

During my first few months of pregnancy I went through so many different emotions that I wasn't even aware of why or what was going on. God bless my husband for sticking it out with me without knowing why. There would be moments where we would be watching our favorite comedy Anchorman and it would be making us laugh hysterically and the next second I would be in tears for who knows what. That is just one example of the different mood swings that I have gone through.

For example, I am a very friendly person who likes to joke around and have fun but there were times when someone said something to me that was supposed to be a joke and I took it the wrong way. It was just one of those emotional outbursts that I had for no apparent reason. Now lets get into the fun part. During my pregnant time I got so many different food cravings and at all hours of the night and day.

There was no stopping them and it would wake me up from the middle of a dream. One crazy craving was steak and peanut butter. Currently I am not pregnant and that combination sounds completely disgusting to me. Imagine peanut butter on a grilled juicy steak.

That's just plain nasty. There were others as well such as jelly and bananas and marshmallows and maple syrup. Just imagine that combination. It's pretty funny how when I was pregnant I would eat just about anything because the baby gave me those sorts of cravings but now when I look at the same thing it makes me want to be sick. Being pregnant is a strange and exciting journey that has so many twists and turns that who knows where you'll end up. No one's journey is the same your cravings a mood swings won't be the same as mine.

You might even be lucky and not have any at all. It really works on a per person basis. I love every single second of being pregnant because it is my first and I have never experienced this before. It is so new and fulfilling and I cant wait for my newborn child to arrive into this world.

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