The Law Of Attraction Works Through Action

If you are interested in the Law of Attraction then I am sure you have seen or at least heard of the film "The Secret". This documentary style movie is a great introduction to a great universal law but it does fall short in some respects. There is no doubt that the events, people and circumstances of your life have been attracted to you, by you using, the Law of Attraction. However, in order to successfully use this great law and create the life of your dreams there is one step from a three step formula that is missing. I am about to tell you what it is! Although you’re thoughts, and especially your emotions, are responsible for kick-starting the Law of Attraction there is one piece of the puzzle that is often missing from the many great teachings on the subject. The biggest secret to getting results from the Law of Attraction is to take appropriate action.

No matter how small the action may be, you must be prepared to move towards your desires in some manner. There are three essential steps you must follow in order to successfully use this law. The first step to utilizing the attractive forces of the Universe is to realize that the Law of Attraction is always actively working in your life. You must understand that it is directed by the thoughts you hold in your mind. Therefore you must hold only positive thoughts about the things you do want and, as best you can, disregard the things you do not want.

Remove your focus from the things in life that displease you and you will not attract them to you. If you were to only think of the things you want then that is all you would ever get. The next step to consciously activating the Law of Attraction for creating your desires is to instil emotion into a mental image of you already possessing your desire. It is of vital importance to you to create as much positive emotions around this as possible.

Emotion is the catalyst that quickens the process that changes your thoughts into reality. The final step is often the hardest for many people because they think the law will work in a mystical way. However, the final step is imperative - you must be prepared to take some action! This is a key point that many teachers fail to tell people. Although the Law of Attraction will always bring you more of what you are focusing on action is still needed. If no action is taken by you but you are focused on what you want without thoughts or feelings to the contrary then the law will bring you opportunities to achieve your desires. But if you do not act on these opportunities then it is unlikely you will see your desire materialize in the material world, at least not in the way you want it to.

This action should not be viewed as a chore or something that you must do. The law will bring circumstances into play that will make the action feel enjoyable or even inspired. For example I make money trading on the Stock Market. However, when I first learned of the Law of Attraction I visualized daily and created strong emotion but took no action. I was waiting for money to fall into my lap, a lottery win or unexpected windfall to come my way and guess what – it never happened! Once I began to take small steps towards my goal it was amazing how fast things started to fall into place. For a long time I had been coming across references to the stock market and trading techniques that seemed to produce real tanigle cash results.

However, I had ignored these signs. However, once I decided to take action it became clear to me that trading stocks may be a good way to generate the additional income I wanted. Therefore, I began looking into stocks myself and was soon identifying the same patterns. Before long I was accidently finding trading books in obscure shops that had the very information I needed. However, I had a problem.

I did not have the needed income or disposable cash to invest. But rather than give up I knew that through the Law of Attraction I had attracted this information and the new desire to trade stocks. Before long I had an additional £20,000 to invest ( that came from a very unexpected source) and began trading on the London Stock Exchange.

Now this will most probably be very different from the way you will receive your goal (if it is money) but the process will remain the same. You must be willing to take some action in order to realize the benefits that the Law of Attraction can give. Take small steps and the Universe will take giant leaps to meet you!.

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