The Power of Prayer

What is Prayer and why do we pray? Prayer is focused energy. Developing a healthy prayer life is part of the dedication that is required for the journey on the spiritual path. Prayer can take many forms-formal, informal, casual, elegant, spoken, silent. All are acceptable, and all are heard. There is no right way to pray.

However, some prayers can be extremely powerful. If it comes from the heart, and you understand the laws of energy, prayer can be truly miraculous. Prayer is a powerful energy. It not only connects you to the Force greater than self, but it stimulates the power of creative energy within you and puts into action your ability to create. You literally merge energies with Creator. You step beyond limitations and into the realm of possibilities.

It is a powerful means of adding energy to one's desires. Thought forms emerge and energy multiplies. The more faith and trust you have, the faster thought manifests into physical reality.

Prayer literally takes you out of your body and the linear mind controlling it, into the nonlinear space of Spirit. It allows you to open up and to expect that things can be created that do not yet exist, even things beyond your current grasp of understanding. Your soul knows this. Prayer serves as a passageway out of the concrete mind and into the realm of possibilities. The act of prayer is an expression of your confidence in a larger divine order and in the significance of your own existence. It expresses a faith in life and life's experiences.

As you walk the spiritual path, you develop a respect for a Force greater than self. You learn to love life in all of its forms and to treat life with respect and reverence. Prayer becomes an overt way to express this growing awareness to yourself and to the universe.

The longing of the soul for connection is answered in prayer. It is the foundation for spiritual connection. If you desire connection, prayer must be built into your life in a way that will withstand the daily pressures and interruptions of life. The quantity of time is not important; the priority is.

How to Maximize Your Experience of Prayer 1. Commit yourself to a daily communication with Spirit through prayer. Your relationship will be enhanced immeasurably. 2. Set realistic goals for yourself. Do not try to set up a monk-like routine if you have not previously incorporated prayer into your life.

It takes twenty-one days to create a new habit. If you can pray ten minutes a day for twenty-one days, you can establish the habit of prayer. 3. Find a quiet time for prayer. Once you have established the time, stick to it.

4. Give thanks for all things, even for those things that have not yet been manifested. You will discover that prayers are often answered before they are even asked. 5. Remember that prayer is energy and follows universal laws.

Jan Engels-Smith promotes self-healing, empowerment, better communities, a healthy world and conducts workshops in shamanism & journeying. Her book, Becoming Yourself is at . Jan's a Licensed Counselor. She's done over 2,000 soul retrievals. She is the founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, a Chemical Dependency Specialist, and Marriage Therapist. She is a water-pourer for sweat lodge, a minister, a Reiki Master.


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