The Secret Health Benefits Of A Good Nature Poster

Do we really need another nature poster in our life? It's likely. While a fortunate few of us do have an office or studio in a natural setting, the fact is, most of us work in an environment that's not always 'natural'. Yet, I believe that's what a lot of us are aiming for.

Somewhere in our dreams of how we see our life unfolding, we hold pictures of us in nature or in a natural environment. This might be a home farm, studio in the hills, or even an indoor garden, anywhere where we can get that necessary 'direct contact' with nature. More and more, research is pointing to the value of 'direct contact' with nature, informing us that it leads to 'increased mental health and psychological development' and explains why city-dwellers have such an attraction for nature.

Cities do have their place. And yet, when we get out of the city we start to appreciate nature even more. Nature allows us to free up our senses more, reduce stress, relax and enjoy the tranquility of it all. "Research. shows that a window view of nature (rather than a built environment).

improves work performance in job settings, and increases job satisfaction. (This may also help explain the predominance of posters and picture calendars with nature scenes on walls of windowless office cubicles.)" - John V Davis So there you have it. And of course, a nature poster is often very beautiful to look at, so that's a positive aspect. We can't all be hanging out in national parks or on Antartic ice caps or on the top of Mount Kilamanjaro. There's too many of us.

For most of us, the concept of doing such a thing is way too big anyway. So next best is to get a visual picture of what we know exists, what we often find to be profound and truly amazing. Viewing a nature poster bring us back to a humble, awe like state where often we can grasp an appreciation for just how magnificent and incredible we are, and nature is. In fact, it's one and the same, but that's another story :-) "Nature experiences increase fascination, intrinsic interest, and enjoyment. The wilderness inspires feelings of awe and wonder. individuals feel better acquainted with their own thoughts and feelings, and they feel 'different' in some way -- calmer, at peace with themselves, 'more beautiful on the inside and unstifled.

' " - John V Davis So where were we? Ah that's right, nature posters. For a moment then, I was completely zoned out in some beautiful, misty zen Japanese garden! 'You can't get too much of this stuff.' Obviously we all need it, and it's a part of us.

A nature poster gives us the ability to connect, to go there, to travel to a place of wonder and beauty. I know, it's just a poster. But surely if it moves us in some way, be it just briefly, it can motivate us to move towards our dreams and realization of our goals. A nature poster is certainly inspiring.

How many times have you heard yourself saying 'wow I want to do that' or 'I want to go there?' And you can, if you really want to! And just think - we see in pictures. So by looking at a nature poster can you imagine. see yourself in a similar environment, doing something you've always wanted to do? Or moving further towards a huge goal or project that makes you uncomfortable just thinking about its potential!? Or of course - just enjoy the sheer pleasure of the moment! Have fun. And when you come back, let me know!.

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