The Secret To Success That Almost No One Else Will Tell You

It is the true nature of man to strive for success. More precisely, to strive to succeed, for it is not the accomplishment that is fulfilling it is the process. It's the journey not the destination! And no matter what we do, the process (to be satisfying) must be for ourselves.

Even the most unselfish act is done not because it helps the other person but because of how it makes us feel to help the other person. We are success driven creatures, why do you think so many people hate their jobs? There is nothing to accomplish no sense of reaching a new goal. However, I must say I believe this is often our own faults. We get lazy, we'd rather just have someone tell us what to do and get paid than to have to really try to accomplish anything.

But then we slowly begin to hate our boss, our lives, and ourselves. And all along, the one getting rich and accomplishing all their goals is the guy who owns the company we work for. And he got us to help him do it. Because of our laziness we've allowed ourselves to be used, our resources tapped for someone else's gain! Now you are probably asking yourself "what does all this rambling have to do with making money?" EVERYTHING!!! You must understand this one key before you will ever get anywhere, OZ NEVER DID GIVE NOTHING TO THE TIN MAN, THAT HE DIDN'T ALREADY HAVE!!! Confused? It's simple, you have everything you need to have the life you want inside you right now, you must only believe it and begin your journey. Most of us live our lives in a daze, wandering from place to place too consumed by our day to day rituals to notice our lives are passing us by.

John Lennon wrote "LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE BUSY MAKING OTHER PLANS." I don't believe any truer words have ever been spoken. My point to all this is that you must take responsibility for your own life, your journey to success and your journey to financial gain. Use the "model" of other successful people and build your plan for success. Ask, "what can I give?" "What need can I fulfill for others that they don't like to do themselves?" "How can I help others?" Give with no expectations of return.

Contribute to the "cycle of life", the give and take and give back again motion of our lives. Take a few minutes each day for quiet time, be still and look inside, to find your place outside. Don't just exist, live a life! Your life! Wake each day and decide consciously to give more today than you expect to receive. There is so much more than many of us ever see.

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