Unique Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas Forget the check check out this Bar

Unique Bar Mitzvah gift ideas can easily turn out to be embarrassing, ostentatious, or just plain ridiculous. While Uncle Lenny may have the best intentions in mind when he buys you 18 acres on Mars (18 of course representing the Hebrew word Chai - or "life" - in the Jewish tradition), there are far better unique Bar Mitzvah gift ideas out there. Not all unique Bar Mitzvah gift ideas need to be sappy or silly. In fact, it can be fun, cute, and memorable to order up a personalized magazine cover for the newly minted 13 year old Jewish "adult." You can be funny and pose a photo of the young adolescent on the cover along with headlines which speak to his prowess in sports, fondness for Harry Potter books, love of astronomy or what have you. Indeed, you can shape his "magazine destiny" as it were any way you see fit.

Turn him into a homerun slugger, a National Geographic explorer, a brilliant academician, or a glamorous Hollywood actor. You could also turn the tables and offer up the personalized magazine cover as a party favor to friends and relatives who make it to the Bar Mitzvah party. Be aware that you shouldn't make your magazine cover too embarrassing or revealing - some good-natured ribbing is fine, but be aware of the 13 year old's temperament and consult the parents if you think your humorous riffing may be headed "too far.

" In short, you can tune your magazine cover Bar Mitzvah gift idea to the mood of the occasion and create a fun, unique, family-oriented gift that's sure to be remembered and treasured - and hopefully displayed fondly for years to come. Thinking of abandoning your Chai check for a cool and classy personalized Bar Mitzvah magazine cover? Head to right now to get started.

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