US Military Sword Display

US Military Sword Display The US military sword displays are made of hard wood, and are custom made as per your requirement. Special laser engraving can be done to them. More than one sword can be displayed with the help of military sword display shields. Display plaques are ideal for displaying a single sword.

Military sword & navy cutlass floor displays are also available. These are made of hard wood stands. There are a variety of US Military sword displays available online; so anyone interested can purchase a sword display online.

The different types of US Military sword displays available are: Military sword display shields, Military sword & navy cutlass floor displays, Military sword display plaques, military sword & Navy cutlass display. The sabers and swords in the US military are available in 28", 30", and 32' and 34" sizes. Some of the swords available in the US military displays are as below: U.S. NCO Saber for the Marine Corps - cost $260.

This sword has a faintly bent stainless steel etched blade. The blade is 28 to 34 inches in length. The words "UNITED STATED MARINES" are imprinted in capital letters. The sword has an ornamental brass grip and guard which are gilted. U.

S. Navy 1860 Officers cutlass - cost $190. This model replaced the USN Regulation Model 1841 during the civil war (1860-1865) and has a unique soup ladle guard known as "Cuillere a pot: It is an efficient fighting tool which can be used abroad warships. The cutlass has a leather grip and a polished brass basket, for protecting the hands. The tempered steel blade has a length of 25.

5 inches and is 4.8mm thick. U.

S. Marine Corps Officer Saber (Mameluke) - cost $290. This saber has a foliage pattern and stainless steel etched blade. The words, "UNITED STATES MARINES" are etched on both sides. The swords are available in length of 28 inches to 34 inches.

The blades are even. U.S.

Air Force Sword - cost $280. The US Air force sword is made of stainless steel. It has a steel cross guard with an eagle head on both ends.

The grip is bound with steel wire and a stainless steel diamond cut double edge blade. The sizes available are between 28 to 34 inches. US Army Officers Saber - cost $ 290. The sword has a slightly curved stainless steel blade and the words "U.

S." are etched on it with ornamental scroll work engraved all around. The grip is made of black plastic and moulded in the shape of the fingers, for a better hold. The blades are even in size and the available length is 28 to 34 inches. U.

S. Navy Officers Sword - cost $ 350. The sword has a foliage pattern engraved and 'USN' etched on both sides. The blade is made of single edged stainless steel blade.

The grip is made of artificial bone and bound with gold wire. The sword is available in various sizes, 28, 30, 32 and 34 inches lengths and also includes government specified scabbards. US coast guard sword - cost $350. This sword is made of stainless steel and resembles the US navy sword. The only difference is the etching on the blade which states as "US Coast Guard" instead of US Navy.

The sword is made in Spain and is available in only one size - 30 inches. U.S.

Military Presentation swords: Such swords are presented to persons for bravery or to a famous person. Hence, each and every original specimen, existing today is connected to an event in American history or an important person. The cost of an US Army presentation NCO sword is around US $400.

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