Ways to Jumpstart Preschool Learning for Your Child

Perschool learning begins at home.Most of this learning takes place naturally. A child shows great ability to learn and aquire new skills during the preschool years. Therefore parents should make extra effort to teach their children.

Numerous researchers have underlined the great importance of preschool learning. Preschool education also provides an ideal platform for your child to excel in school. There are numerous ways to impart preschool learning to your child. Before starting the lessons, learn about your child's personality and select a method which is ideal for your child's personality. 1) Never ignore the doubts of your child.

Your child will have numerous doubts during the preschool years. In fact, through these doubts your child is indulging in preschool learning. Sometimes the questions your child asks may well irritate you. Never get irritated. Try to answer all the questions in a simple way.

Remember, if your child is asking questions then he/she is learning. Never fool your child, always provide the right answers. 2) Talk with your child. When you are talking to your child you are unknowingly imparting the basic lessons in language. Always talk about the activities in which your child indulges.

The child will be more interested in listening to them. For example, your child plays with a doll daily but never knows that it has a name. When you talk to the child and use the word 'doll' the child starts to think and then understands that things have a name. 3) Providing books with pictures.

Providing your child with books having large print and pictures are an important aspect of preschool learning. Your child begins to relate words and pictures through these books. When you talk about the pictures the child understands more so read the book to your child and show the pictures relating to the story. 4) Buying alphabet letters. For your child the alphabet letters in the beginning will be a toy. But when you make words with them the child starts to understand the link between spoken word and written word.

5) Physical activity. Preschool learning is not all about gathering information and developing skills. Researchers have shown that a child's physical activity is linked to academic education.Play with your child and allow he/she to chase you. Give the child something to pull.

These physical activities aids the childs brain developement. 6) Educational videos. Simple and fun filled educational videos provide the opportunity to gather information and to acquire skills. Introducing the child to a foreign language through videos and CDs helps in acquiring different language skills. 7) Computers.

Providing your child with computers can help in getting accustomed to keyboards and monitors. Fun filled educational software can be used to impart simple skills. While indulging preschool learning, try to avoid the use of violent games and scenes as this can corrupt the mind of a child. There are numerous organizations providing information on preschool learning but, it is always wise to take the advice of professionals as preschool education is crucial in a child's development.

Thomas Hobbs is a parent of two children who has written a powerful preschool handbook that will enable parents to light up the eyes of their eager, creative and thinking children. Find out how the children in your life can expand their horizons. For a free report visit now


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