Writing a Life Bio for Your Graduating Class After Years of Healing Part Two - I guess I'm including Bob in my bio because he will never have a chance to write his own.

Controlling Your Teen - What happened to that little angel? It's called the teenage years and it can be trying on everyone.

Should I Buy My Teen A Vehicle - Provides tips and information on whether or not your teenager should have a vehicle after reaching the age that they can drive.

Are ADD ADHD Truly Learning Disabilities - A different way to look at ADD and ADHD.

Symptoms Causes and Solutions You Should Know About Teen Stress - 15 Symptoms, 10 Causes and 8 Solutions for Teen Stress.

Should You Allow Your Teens to Have MySpace Accounts - MySpace is tremendously popular with teens right now.

Is Your Child Being CyberBullied - If your child was being bullied at school, you'd probably know about it.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Teenagers Car Insurance - It is an exciting time for a teenager when they legally sit behind the wheel of a car by themselves for the first time.

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