The Privilege of Life A Reflection on The Travelers Gift - One of the most powerful scenes in Andy Andrews' The Traveler's Gift involves Anne Frank discussing living to the fullest.

The Power of Prayer - What is Prayer and why do we pray? This article explores the meaning, purpose, and use of prayer or focused energy.

Intuitive Magic The Magic Carpet Ride - Imagine a life where doors open for you automatically, opportunities abound, you regularly receive benevolent hunches, you find the love of your life by synchronistic "accident" and your income increases exponentially as you busily go about the task of doing the work you love.

The Real Secret of Getting What You Want In Life - The chances are that if you went to a good school you were always encouraged to ask questions.

Self Mastery as a Way of Life - Kick those habits that keep you from achieving your dreams and embrace SELF MASTERY as a way of life.

The Search for Creativity - What to do when inspiration and creativity go down the Swanee, up the spout or sink without a trace.

Self Improvement Important Things You Need To Know - Do you want to improve something about yourself but you don't know where to start? Then you need to know some important things about self improvement before you start.

Wall Safes The Safest Walls On Earth - By equipping your home with security gadgets like wall safes, you can eliminate the worries that fill your mind knowing that your most valuable possessions are safely intact.

Secret Pictures for Getting Head Right For Success - Do you ever wonder how to certain people achieve exactly what they want and achieve faster than you could imagine yourself doing? Read on and find out for yourself the process you can follow to make everything you want yours.

Exercise Your Brain Quick Brain Teasers to Test Your Memory and Thinking Skills - Here's a quick quiz to test your memory and thinking skills, which should work out important parts of your brain.

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